Making India, an alluring Medical Trip destination, chiefly for patients from countries where health care costs are exceedingly steep and have long waiting periods for procedures.

Coming to India for a Medical Trip helps save a significant amount of money, sometimes around 50% to 70% of the procedure cost outside of India.


In India there areno wait times for any critical medical treatments, unlike US, Canada, UK.

The rapid rise of the private sector, which comprises of hospitals and clinics with the latest technology and best practitioners, make it easy to find a suitable place for proper treatment of almost any disease.


Indian hospitals are equipped with state of art medical equipment. These modern equipment and procedures drastically reduce the period of hospitalization.

The doctors are highly professional and able to conduct even rare surgeries.

Nursing care in India is appreciated all over the world. Nurses trained in India are wanted in most parts of the world.


With the intention of making medical value travel to India smoother, the Government of India has introduced medical visa (M visa for the patient & MX Visa for attendants), which is faster and easier to obtain.


Ahoy! India aims to provide complete medical value travel solutions for an inbound medical Value traveller under one roof.

We believe in providing affordable medical services to the world through a team of dynamic professionals. Ahoy! India joins hands with the very best of healthcare institutions in India to bring to you comprehensive medical facilities. We can organise Surgical and Medical camps in any country supported by most reputed Hospitals and highly qualified and experienced doctors from any field of medicine.

We understand how important it is for a person who trusts his or her well being in a new country to strangers, to have a support system, a service and a quiet but available companion from start to finish assisting in the process of planning, arrival, treatment, convalescence and return to home. Ahoy! India promises to be that support.

The Indian speciality hospitals that Ahoy! India has made alliances with have excellent infrastructure complete with the latest state of the art equipment required for any treatment.

We take care in selecting the hospital for alliance using a strict assessment process.

We take at most care in selecting the hospital for alliance using the following score card:

  • Is the infrastructure of the hospital of international standard?
  • Is the hospital using the latest technology and medical equipment?
  • Are the Doctors well trained and experienced with good track record?
  • Is the post procedural care of high standard?
  • Are the nursing staff and technical staff well trained, experienced and English speaking?
  • What is the extend of exposure to international patients?
  • What is the Patient treatment success rate since the beginning?
  • What is the proximity to basic travel points and convalescence stations?

Pre Admission

Choosing the right doctor and hospital depending on the line of treatment.

Getting doctors opinion and appointment prior to the patient’s travel to ensure minimum stay in the hospital.

Obtaining the cost of treatment.

Submission of medical history and pre admission requirements at the hospital.

Reception at the airport and arrangements for the stay of patient and the family before admission.

Consultation camps by specialist at selected time and cities.


Arrangement for practicing religious beliefs and customs.

Provision of interpreters if required.

Arrangement for the stay of family members during the procedure.

Transport arrangements from place of stay to hospital and back.

Arrangements for special diet like vegetarian, Halal or Muslim Kosher requirements.

Arrangements for female physicians to treat female patients if a particular culture require that.

Arrangements for interpreter if required for ease of communication between the patient and the physician


Collection of medical documents. Post procedural consultation if required.

Arrangements for recoup/convalescence stay.

Air ticketing.

Drop at the airport.